By clicking the icon below you will download a folder of everything you might need to invite someone to Easter Services this year. The file includes:

  1. A PDF of the invitation that you can print and cut from home to physically hand to someone.

  2. Your choice of a video or picture to use as your Facebook Cover Photo, so that anyone who clicks on your profile will see the invitation first  before scrolling

  3. A JPG (photo) formatted for a Facebook Post

  4. A JPG (photo) & a MP4 (video) formatted for an Instagram Post

  5. A JPG (photo) & a MP4 (video) formatted for an Instagram Story

  6. A JPG (photo) & a MP4 (video) formatted for a Facebook Story

  7. A Word Doc with Social Media Post Content that you can simply cut & paste into your posts for Facebook & Instagram

  8. A JPG (photo) that you can attach into an email (be sure to choose the "inline" option when attaching if available)

(504) 394-7877


5824 Berkley Drive
New Orleans, LA 70131