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Prayer Is Earthy

Sometimes we can get the idea that we should only be praying about certain things. Maybe you’ve felt this way yourself—like you can only pray about spiritual things, like someone’s salvation or something like that. Perhaps you’ve heard someone make fun of someone else for praying for a parking space. How immature, right?

Well I’m afraid to tell you that if you feel that way, you might be a little too spiritual for God. Just think for a minute about how the Lord Jesus teaches his disciples to pray. “Give us this day our daily bread,” he says. Jesus wants us to pray for something as “fleshly” and mundane as our supper. I wonder what you think of that…

The truth is, God knows that we’re made of dust. He knows that we’re not just spiritual creatures; we’re also earthy ones. And that means that we have “earthy” needs. And by the way, this isn’t some flaw. He designed us that way. And that means that we’re meant to be dependent on him not just for spiritual things but for the earthy things, too—like bread and water.

And what that means is that we’re free to ask God for all sorts of things—including parking spaces.

Pray with me. Father, thanks for how you made us—body and soul together. You knew what you were doing and you know everything that we need even before we ask it. And so we pray as the Lord taught us that you would provide for our daily needs—food, water, shelter. And we thank you for all the good gifts you’ve blessed us with. Help us to realize more and more our dependence upon you, not just for the spiritual things but even for the everyday things. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

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