STUDY PODS for Middle  School

Who is this for?

We are offering "Study Pods" specifically for middle school students (6th-8th grade) enrolled in remote/virtual/distance learning, full time or hybrid, whose parent is a teacher, school administrator, or faculty of any kind. The goal is to provide a space where the students in this category can "go to class" supervised, while their parent is teaching. The service is free of charge. Due to the strangeness of these times and the fewer number of volunteers, the days and times we can offer are limited.

WhaT are the Details You need?

  • Study Pods will be held Tuesdays-Thursdays, 7:30am-3:00pm, beginning Sept 15, 2020

  • Study Pods will be held in Woodland Church's coffee room (5824 Berkley Drive)

  • Students would need to bring a lunch & headphones/earbuds.

  • Students would need to bring their own computer/tablet.

  • Students can attend full day or a portion of the day. They CANNOT leave and come back.

  • Masks will be required.

  • Study Pods will be facilitated by several adult voluteers, several of which have been in the education field themselves.


Call Paige McCarty, Director of Student Ministries, at (504) 394-7877 OR email at

EnrollMent FORM

Please fill in this form to enroll your student in our Study Pods.

(504) 394-7877


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