Building Manager

Sandra Wardrip is a long-time member of Woodland, who also happens to manage the campus facilities. Sandra has been active and serving the church for thirteen years.

Session of Elders

Tom Wells

Rick Orillion

Woody Yandle

Carol Lessig

Rick Ellis

Barry Smith

Mike McClendon

Board of Deacons

Class of 2021

Greg Black - Property

Ginny Ketchersid - Mercy

Class of 2022

Dot Lundin - Fellowship/Worship-Helps

Carol Roberts - Moderator

Beth Urbaszewski - Mercy

Class of 2023

Phil Johnson - Property

Keith Lessig - Finance

Melissa McClendon - Mercy

Class of 2024

Janet Boudreaux

Alexandrea McCarty


Class of 2021
Cindy Polt
Class of 2022
Keith Lessig
Class of 2023
Joe Rice
Class of 2024
Jon Khachaturian

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