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God's Work and Ours

Dear Woodland,

I’m writing to you from General Assembly. It’s amazing to see and hear what God is doing in our denomination across the United States and beyond. I’ve met a lot of interesting people and also spent time with old friends—even from seminary!

It’s a reminder that God is always on the move, always working out something somewhere with someone. Our Lord is active. As Jesus said, “My Father is working until now, and I am working.” Indeed, even now Jesus is at work interceding for us with his heavenly Father, presenting his wounds as a mark of the forgiveness that he has earned us through his sacrifice. He is worthy, indeed.

And what that means for us is that we can be inspired to work as he works, pouring ourselves out for the kingdom; and we can receive with joy the gift of rest that he provides, too. Our work doesn’t earn what he’s already given us by faith. So we work freely and out of gratitude and loyalty. Ironically, then, we work from a place of rest, knowing that the end of the story—our story—has already been written. And because of what Christ has done, we are victors even now, even while the work goes on.

So rejoice in the salvation that God has provided, and work freely for his glory.



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