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Lenten Devotional - Day Eleven

Read: Matthew 6:5-18, 7:7-11

Think: We live in a culture that repeatedly wires us with a need for positive affirmation. It’s natural to want to know we are doing something right and good. “Look! Watch me!” we shout as children. “If it’s not on instagram, did it even happen?” the youth group asks. By the time we become adults, we are so performance oriented, our faith life mimics a cultural drive for the approval of our peers. We subconsciously care more about how others perceive our spiritual disciplines than we care for God’s perception of us. How have you tried to get attention for being “spiritual?” What did Jesus model in His prayer and fasting life? Why do you think we want credit for the good things we do? What do you think you are missing out on because you are not praying for it?

Pray: Humble me, God. Align my wants with your wants. Help me to keep asking in your name and for your glory and to not give up.

Apply: Fast again today, but don’t tell anyone. Start a prayer list of BIG prayers. Designate different things to pray for on different days.

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