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On the Anniversary of Death: Carol Roberts

It was one year ago that our beloved Carol Roberts was taken from us. The tragedy and suddenness of her death are still shocking and the loss we experienced that day still lingers.

On that day, we opened up our sactuary to mourners. As I look back at the reflections that were shared that evening, I remember how comforting it was to see that our savior mourned, as well. Outside Lazarus' tomb Jesus wept. On that day when God felt so far away we needed to be reminded how near he had come to us.

And nearer than anyone who had known him during his ministry would have guessed. Jesus not only wept with us at death. He also committed himself to death for our sake. Jesus died the death we should have died. On that day, he took our place. And in that death he promised us newness of life now and the hope of the life to come.

I remind you of that now because that was Carol's faith. She loved her Lord Jesus and anyone who knew her saw that in how hard she worked for his Church. And she loved Woodland Church, that particular manifestation of Jesus' Church right here on the corner of Woodland and Berkley. Her bright smile and chipper spirit were commonplace, even as she set herself to the next task, the next project. "Okay. Enough fussing over me," she's probably saying right now. "We've got work to do."

But while she was capable and hard-working, I think I will remember her most for her constant encouragement. She always had a natural way of calling out the best in me. That was probably the teacher in her.

And now the best of her has been called up to Paradise to be with Jesus. All that's left for her in her journey with Christ is to receive her new body on the day of resurrection. A body that will be immune to death, imperishable. On that day the sting of death that lingers her will be no more because death itself will be put away. And on that day we'll be reunited with our dear friend, mother, grandmother, wife.

On that day there won't be any work left to do. I think we'll have a party instead. I can't wait.

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