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Prayer Is Praising God

Yesterday, we talked about how the heart is bent in on itself, how it’s curved away from God where it’s supposed to be. But we also talked about how prayer can help straighten that out.

One of the main ways that we can orient our lives to God is by praying prayers of praise (boy that’s a mouthful). Praising God by prayer is not only commanded in Scripture, it is also fitting and right and good.

First of all, God deserves praise. In fact, the highest form of praise—worship—is due God alone. And he deserves that both because of what he is and because of who he is. He is the Creator of all things and the one who rules over that creation with all power and authority. He is also the great Redeemer who sent his Son to die in our place, that our sins would not be counted against us.

The second thing is perhaps more central to our identity, though. If you didn’t know, we’re created in the image of God. Now, that means an awful lot which we can’t really go into here. But one thing it does mean that’s relevant for us is that we are to reflect the glory of God. Or perhaps better put, we’re meant to magnify God’s glory, to make it increase. There’s no more direct way to do that than with our lips! To speak God’s praises through our prayers amplifies his majesty and fulfills our purposes as beings created in his image.

To praise God in prayer, then, is most appropriate. And if it comes from the heart, it will fill you with joy besides. It’s how you were made.

Pray with me. Father, how deserving of praise are you! You alone created the world with your word. You alone sustain it with your right hand. You alone preserve it by your care and nurture. You alone are worthy. Jesus, how you are worthy of worship because you redeemed us at the cost of your own life. Holy Spirit how you renew our hearts, bringing the dead to life. Almighty God, three in one; who is like you? Who can stand in your presence? Yet you have loved us, called us by name, made us your children. Praise be to your name. Amen.

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