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Every person lives with a set of faith commitments—beliefs about the world and about themselves. Some of these beliefs are founded on sound reasoning. Others are received uncritically from our parents and grandparents, and others from the society around us. Still others are intuited and subjective.

And if that sounds like a bad thing, it’s isn’t…at least not necessarily. Actually, operating this way is often how we make progress. We receive certain things to be true and are then able to build on them, and increase and improve our knowledge to give to the next generation. Receiving wisdom about the world from our parents, friends and mentors prepares for life. 

But at some point, we have to start thinking for ourselves and deciding for ourselves what it is that we believe about the world, about God, about ourselves. The question is, have you done that yet? Have you thought about it? Or are you still just running on what your parents taught you? Have you decided for yourself? 

What do you believe?

Here at Woodland Church, we seek to give real answers to honest questions, and we do that together in community. We want to know what you believe and how you came to believe it. We want to know your story and we want to invite you into ours. And if you’ve never really asked these questions, we want to walk with you through them.

So we invite you to walk with us as we walk with Jesus. 

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