Lenten Devotional - Day Twenty-Three

Day 23:

Read: Matthew 21:1-11

Think: Sometime ago, I read that the remarkable thing about Palm Sunday was the dichotomy of what was happening on opposite ends of the city. On one end you have Jesus entering on a donkey being hailed with victory palms, a crowd unaware of the power of the King they were greeting. On the other Pilate having a processional of soldiers and chariots, showing off his might to keep the public at bay. People knew the power Pilate had over them, they lived in bondage to it and fear of it everyday. Two very different kings. Two very different parades. If that is an accurate historical account of events, doesn't it bring even more weight to the story? How does Christ’s humility speak to you? How do you praise Jesus in your everyday life the way the crowd did with the palm branches?

Pray: God, I want to worship you not just on Sundays, but every day. Thank you for modeling humility. Humble me, that I might give you all the glory!

Apply: Set aside a time and a place to worship Jesus today. Invite one of your five from Day 21 to church.

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